Make your daughter’s day extra special with a SEW FABULOUS party! REQUIRED minimum age is 8 , and sewing/craft project will be tailored to the girls interest and skill level.


Here are just some of the projects we’ve made at our parties :

*  fabric cell phone case  * Fabric bracelets   * mini messenger bags   * stuffed animal   * pillowcase  *  American Girl doll dress(simple, pillowcase style dress) * headbands

If your birthday girl selects a relatively small/simple project, the price per student is $45, and this would include all supplies, thread, and pattern.  If it is a larger item (like pillowcase) that $45 price point would NOT include the fabric.  To keep your costs reasonable, we do not include food items in the price.

If you live in the New Orleans area, these parties will be held at YOUR HOME, provided you have space and a large dining room table to set up our machines.  No more worrying about dropping off/picking up, etc . We will come to YOU!  With this in mind, more than 7 kids at a sewing party gets very chaotic. I have 7 working machines I will bring and set up, so 7 is really the recommended maximum so that we can complete our project.

Call us to check availability (504) 571-9730 or email your requested party dates:






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